Wednesday, October 29, 2003

On Tina Brown

Has anyone else seen the Trio TV special on 24 hours in the life of our favorite status seeker Mrs. Tina Brown? I'm fascinated by her, like almost everyone else in the NY Media circuit, but she is a strange woman. "Barry Diller!" says Brown, clearly excited that the daddy cool of business is in her living room, "Barry Diller!" she repeats, then points to the Trio camera -- very meta, that -- and not so much says but purrs, "those are yours." Meaning: she is doing the Trio Show which is from Barry's network, isn't it irnonic? "Did Barry Diller say that?" says her husband, Mr. Brown, at the party, a little later -- like, maybe eight or nine cocktails later appropos of nothing. Is Barry Diller Tina Brown's god? Clearly there is some unhealthy compulsiveness about Barry Diller in the Brown household. And, more importantly, does anyone actually buy Mr. Brown's books? Enquiring young journo minds want to know. He seemed awfully "busy" in his study researching for some other coffee table tome that no one actually puts on their coffee table. He seems to be arranging pictures and reading while the go-go Tina Brown is out conquering the world and embarassing the aristocratically dignified Candace Bergen. Anyway, I am still fascinated by Brown. But someone ought to investigate just what Harry is doing while Tina is saving the world.

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