Thursday, October 30, 2003

An Email From James Grisham of The Hannity Show

James Grisham, "Sweet Baby James", the producer of the Sean Hannity Show thoughtfully emails:

"I have served in the Navy as a petty officer, and in the National Guard
as a Seargent in a round out division - anti-armor was my speacialty,
killing tanks.

"If you did a tour of duty in the military, your blog would reflect a
vastly diffrent perspective."

And he has a point. I have never served in the military and the only tour of duty I experienced was as Research Editor at Silicon Alley Reporter trying to get info on moguls for the December 200 issue at the height of that Gilded Age. Although I disagree with James, I respect him greatly and hope we can just agree to disagree. Cheers, James.


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