Wednesday, October 29, 2003

On Harry Markopoulos

Does anyone have any information on Harry Markopoulos? This blog is quite interested in what Markopoulos had to say about the other people involved in the Madoff scandal. His name is being bandied about in far right circles (with, we cannot fail to note, noxious whiffs of anti-semitism) as having been an early warning against Madoff's Ponzi scheme. From WashTimes:

"In 2000, Harry Markopoulos, a Greek-American leading expert on derivatives, wrote to the Securities and Exchange Commission's Boston office to inform the federal watchdog of markets that Bernard L. Madoff was running 'the world's largest hedge fund fraud.' He stipulated, 'My name not be released to anyone other than the branch chief and team leader in the New York region, without my express permission.'

"Mr. Markopoulos was worried about his safety and that of his family. He said his report was written solely for the SEC's internal use.' He was clearly afraid of assassination. But his red flag was only one of 28 such warnings to the SEC in the first eight years of the 21st century."

What exactly did he say? Can someone enlighten me?

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