Friday, October 31, 2003

Graydon Carter's Editor's Letter

My Conservative friends will accuse me of kissing ass and my liberal friends will think me a traitor for sleeping with the enemy over a magazine that rarely if ever does a cover story on African Americans, but it's my blog, so I'm going to defend Graydon Carter's Editor's letter. So there. Okay, "quite probably" the letter goes beyond any editorial mandate that the Newhouses ever gave to our Canadian editor (no, I've never met him), but consider this, O skeptical reader: my old friend Christopher Hitchens, whom I used to intern under at The Nation, was the house liberal of Vanity Fair , but he supported the war. So -- I ask you -- where was Graydon supposed to get a consistent voice against the occupation of Iraq if not from the house liberal? Is Lisa Robinson going to give it to the Straussians? Does she even really give it to Rod Stewart even? So, he did it himself and, in the process, got rid of those god awful editors letters that really serve no purpose and no one reads. Well, they read them now. Thanks to Graydon Carter, for being civilization's last line of defense ... okay ... okay, I'm disgusting even myself with this prodigious amount of ass kissing. But I do not find the highly political Editor's Letter to be the act of an ass.

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