Friday, August 08, 2014

The Night The Wu Tang Clan Weeded Up The Daily Show Office

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart staff writer Daniel Radosh noted, wryly, on his Facebook page the day after the Wu Tang Clan's now-legendary appearance, "My entire office smells like weed right now." As if to make sure we know exactly what he's talking about, Daniel links to the Wu Tang bio under that statement. Sounds positively herbal.

That reminded me of my own Wu Tang "floral" moment." One of my supposedly infamous moments as an interviewer was a livechat I hosted with GZA of the Wu Tang Clan for the late, great at the fin de siecle. This New York interwebs thing seemed to be going somewhere. It was a livechat at the beginning of the rise of the music web and the Wu were then dominating the "urban" radio air waves. Me, Genius and a few friends went into the hallway to talk some more after the chat. A certain "herb" was allegedly produced and almost definitely consumed at the time. It was, allegedly, the strongest herb This intrepid journo has ever consumed, then or since. Allegedly.

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