Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vice DO's and DON'Ts, RIP

Vice magazine's fashion Do's and Don'ts are a guilty pleasure. It can only be properly construed under the category of jest. Imagine a snarky skater, tossing one liners against the fashion sense of people in the room. That is what it is, or rather: that is what it was. From the salmon-colored weekly:
"Fifteen years ago, the plan was to create a fashion column for VICE, the Canadian skater-rag-turned-ASME-nominated-massive-media-company co-founder Suroosh Alvi told The Observer, “because then we could get fashion advertising for the magazine.” But then they realized they 'didn’t know anything about fashion.'

"In this twisted spirit, the long-running, wildly popular DOs and DON’Ts column—photos of unfortunate, real street fashion captioned harshly by VICE’s editors—was born. It has become “the little franchise that could' for the magazine and website, Mr. Alvi said.

"And at the launch party for a new compilation anthology, DOs & DON’Ts Book 2, on Tuesday night, performance artist ‪Genesis P-Orridge‬ announced to a packed room that the bawdy column that spawned many imitations (including our slideshow, a parting gift to the bereaved editors of VICE) would no longer be published."

 Fare thee well, sweet snarky, twisted pleasure.

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