Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Artie Lange On Jimmy Fallon

From HowardStern:

"Artie told the crew about his bizarre experience on last night's Jimmy Fallon show – first they asked him to stick around after his interview to sit in during Olivia Munn’s interview and for a segment with famed Momofuku chef David Chang, who cooked on the show. To end the show, Olivia wanted to play ping-pong against him and Jimmy – and then brought a 'special partner,' Susan Sarandon, who owns a ping-pong bar named Spin in downtown NYC.

Artie laughed: 'My competitive nature kicked in. I'll tell ya what happened. I started getting f’ing mad! It's me and Jimmy against these two broads and now I wanna win.' Howard said, 'I understand. Absolutely.' Artie served to Susan: 'I said scumbag serving Oscar-winner...and Susan started trashing me. She said, 'Are you high? I said, 'First of all, yes, and I can't believe you're here.' She said, 'Neither can I.' Artie and Jimmy eventually lost, mainly because they made Jimmy play with a tiny ping pong paddle: "But it was very nice...she looked fantastic. She's so sexy.""

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