Wednesday, October 21, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Simmons Buys CelebrityTweet

Russell Simmons just tweeted earlier today: "Here with 'new partner' Ian Corbin gg just bought celebritytweet. Oh sh.. I leaked it, anyhow we are stategizing today." It sounds credible offhand, but the hip-hop mogul might want to hire an editor before he goes TwitterBerrying under the affluence. Simmons misspelled Ian Corbin's name ("ian cornin") and the site's URL ("Spelled wrong. Get on it!!!") in his tweet. No specifics were mentioned and Ian Corbin hasn't yet responded to my emails asking for comment.

According to the Webby-nominated the site: "CelebrityTweet is a side project of Ian Corbin, created in November 2008. Since then, the site has grown tremendously and exceeded all expectations in traffic and popularity." CelebrityTweet hasn't tweeted any celebrity news since September 14th.

Simmons, who recently attended the Hip Hop Summit, is partnered with Silicon Valley venture capital firm Accel Partners in funding There appears to be some synergy there. Simmons is a well-known media influencer and "connector," socializing in full view of the cameras with other celebrities (most recently the infamous Ashley Dupre, who ended up publishing a much-viewed blog post for GlobalGrind). Adding CelebrityTweet to his and his social circles maneuverings should be interesting, particularly next summer in the Hamptons.

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