Friday, October 23, 2009

Bobbito's Pro-Keds Royal Flash Release

Bobbito's Pro-Keds Royal Flash Release party on Suffolk street Wednesday night was remarkable on several counts. It introduced an element of uptown to the downtown Manhattan media arena. "This isn't an industry party," Bobbito shouted on the mic in-between Old School sets by DJ Stretch Armstrong. And it most certainly wasn't.

There was a richly organic flavor to the whole evening. It was almost more a wonderful house party in Harlem than a media meet-and-greet, only in a larger venueand bigger budget. The lights were dimmed, another party plus, adding an ambiance not usually found at these events. The dance floor was robust (something that never happens at New York media parties, even Paper events). There was food, and not hors d'oevres. The contingent from Spanish Harlem was there in full force. And the party went the full four hours with the open bar running out only in the last half hour.

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