Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How To Think About Pakistan

Now that Musharraf has shed some of his "unlimited power," and the army seems more amenable to democratic reforms, United States policy vis-a-vis Pakistan should be Pakistani Chief Justice-oriented and not Musharraf-oriented. The primary American foreign policy goal of America with regards to Pakistan is the strengthening of Laws and building civil oversight over the levers of power. That way is through a solid relationship with The Pakistan Supreme Court, and mucxh less so through the Army or the ISI.

Our foreign policy towards Pakistan has, unfortunately, been thus far based on our tactical military needs. This is Realism, a la the shlock that Senator Hillary Clinton is tryting to sell us. This is a short-term, myopic goal. It does not lead to stability in Pakistan, merely immediate peace in the region and a lack of anxiety in the American military command. Stability in Pakistan will come through law-and-order and checks -and-balances, or, in other words, The Pakistani Supreme Court.

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