Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lunch At Michaels

"'Tis the season for some serious celeb spotting at 55th & Fifth. After a few less than stellar weeks, the joint was jumping today as a few A-list actors mixed and mingled with the positively giddy regulars who all seemed more than eager to start their holiday vacations early. We've come to act a bit jaded when we met up with Natasha Richardson at the coat check but all bets were off when her hubby — none other than Liam Neeson — lumbered into the dining room ... Table 17. Kathie Lee Gifford looking like a ski bunny in black leggings and adorable flat boots. Kathie Lee told me her choice of footwear was one of function over fashion. 'I just had surgery on my feet five weeks ago. I have 80-year-old feet after 40 years of show business. I got these long ago on a trip to Aspen.'"(FishbowlNY)

"Over at Michael’s the place was mobbed. Joan Rivers was seated at the top center of the round table in the bay with eight others who were guests of somebody who bid $15000 at a Bard College fundraiser to have a lunch with Joan. I’m sure they got their money’s worth. At the table in front of Joan (and next to ours) Liam Neeson was lunching with casting director-turned-producer Bonnie Timmerman. On the other side of us, Maria Bartiromo. Across the aisle Blythe Danner was lunching with Kim McCarty. On the other side of Timmerman and Neeson, former prosecutor and prolific mystery novelist Linda Fairstein was lunching with three women who are experts on DNA forensics. Linda was carrying the galleys to her 10th detective thriller, Killer Heat. And at the table next to her media mogul Barry Diller was lunching with a colleague." (NYSD)

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