Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sumo Gallery: Mick Rock 'Exposed'

portrait of the Ozzy as a young man

  • Sumo Gallery unveiled Mick Rock's Exposed last night, a show of works of art including rock and roll and fashion icons from the 70s to the modern day. The usuals are represented -- Kate Moss, blondie, Lou Reed, Bowie, Bob Marley -- but in unusual artistic waysSignature "Mick cocktails," among other adult beverages,  were served. Among the beautiful people: Mick Rock, Justin Parks, Ivy Silberstein, Brynn Rinderknecht, Ditch davey, Aristides Duvall, Tatiana Vidus, and Mattiu Bitton.

    Rock -- the Man Who Shot the 70s -- interprets photos with an energy that is equal to the wattage of the rock stars, and the materials he uses to express himself wonderfully capture the glissando of The Life.. 

    There was also a film on display on the bottom floor of Sumo, where Rock -- photographing The Killers, Jimmy Fallon, Kate Moss -- exposed his own methods in real time. He spins, he puts on flashing "Man-From-Mars" glasses, which, no doubt, leave triply, glittery ocular residue that enhances his mood and the way he sees things. He is hyperkinetic. He is, in essence, as much of a rock star as his photographic subjects.

    Sumo's events have an interesting mix of socialites, downtown hipsters, models, art aficionados -- and sometimes all four at once.

    Sumo's Mick Rock exhibition is Open to the Public, Sept 23-Oct 19, Tues to Sun, 11am-7pm. #MickRock #SumoGallery.

    You can also buy Mick Rock Exposed the book here.
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