Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Roundup of Conservative Schadenfreude over Abramson Firing

When Jill Abramson and The New York Times fight, who is the winner? Conservatives.

Conservatives hate the liberal establishments paper of record. Every Presidential election it seems has a moment -- in the primary debates, in the summer before the general election -- where candidates score points with the grassroots by publicly attacking the gray Lady. So this is like conservative Christmas.

Rush Limbaugh found the Jill Abramson firing juicy. “Here you’ve got ‘the Regime’ last week or two weeks ago on income inequality and this pay gap between men and women and here’s the house organ, the gospel, the Bible of liberalism, the most powerful employee outside ownership of the New York Times claims that she is a victim of pay discrimination.”

Is Richard Johnson a conservative? He is certainly right-of-center. Anyway, the great Richard Johnson, who has had his share of liberal enemies in his day, writes today,"The most delicious part of Abramson working for Bloomberg is the possibility that the billionaire will buy the New York Times from the family of chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. Under Bloomberg’s ownership, Abramson could get her old job back." Clearly Richard finds the story delicious.

National Review Online did a little slideshow of some of the Twitterverse commentary. Kevin D. Williamson was firing on all cylanders. "The clash of liberal pieties over the firing of New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson is wonderfully amusing," he says, with relish. And, interoffice and in public Ramesh Ponnuru sent Jim Geraghty a thought from John Heyward of Human Events (how meta is that?), "After enjoying a frothy mug of schadenfreude over the pickle the New York Times finds itself in, we might reflect that this is really a story about cloistered liberals growing up, and learning how their ideology is a poor fit for the real world, where complex situations cannot easily be reduced to cartoons about patriarchy, sexism, and racism."

Newsbusters, of course, is having a grand old time attacking both the Gray Lady and MSNBC -- a twofer. "Although NewsBusters has documented The New York Times’s commitment to pushing a liberal agenda for years, it took a discrimination scandal inside the paper itself for the MSNBC network to air a liberal journalist admitting what everyone already knows but liberals are loath to confess: The Times has a left-of-center tilt, despite its dogged persistence in claiming to be objective."

The comments section -- 492 so far -- of Ken Auletta's New Yorker piece is rife with conservative commentary. Dave Reidel, who writes about movies for the Santa Fe Reporter noted on Twitter, "I had no idea had so many conservative readers. Comments are ridic."

And very conservative.

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