Monday, August 20, 2012

Rudy Giuliani, Connoisseur of Racism

Rudy Giuliani, who flamed out so spectacularly in his 2008 run for President -- a mayor with no foreign policy experience -- displayed his exquisite connoiseurship on the subject of racism this weekend. Rudyani told Face the Nation that Joe Biden was making an appeal to racism in his unshackled chains remark.

Well, Rudy, a racism expert, knows of what he speaks. Rudy Giuliani led a racist police riot in 1992 against then mayor David Dinkins. "The demonstration two weeks ago to protest Mayor David Dinkins's plan for a more independent civilian complaint review board quickly deteriorated into a brawl," said an Opinion piece in the New York Times, September 1992. "Beer-drinking officers broke through barricades to rush the steps of City Hall; others blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and used racial epithets to describe the Mayor."

But to even ask Giuliani for his opinion on what Joe Biden says is stupid. Joe Biden humiliated Giuliani during the 2008 election cycle, pointing out his utter lack of foreign policy experience. So it was bad form for interviewers to ask Giuliani to comment on Biden.

Question: Did the Romney campaign offer Giuliani up as a surrogate? If so, that might say something about the case the Romneyites are trying to make to the white working class.

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