Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012: The White Vote

The middle class, of course, is evaporating. From Pew Social Trends:

"In 2011, this middle-income tier included 51% of all adults; back in 1971, using the same income boundaries, it had included 61%. 2 The hollowing of the middle has been accompanied by a dispersion of the population into the economic tiers both above and below. The upper-income tier rose to 20% of adults in 2011, up from 14% in 1971; the lower-income tier rose to 29%, up from 25%. However, over the same period, only the upper-income tier increased its share in the nation’s household income pie. It now takes in 46%, up from 29% four decades ago. The middle tier now takes in 45%, down from 62% four decades ago. The lower tier takes in 9%, down from 10% four decades ago"

President Obama is going to lose West Virginia to Romney even though, economically, the state should be more amenable to his philosophy. That, of course, is arguable, as the President sometimes seems more concerned with the health of the big banks -- at least prior to his 2010 mid-term shellacking -- than with his party base of 99-percenters. Still, very time Romney mentions "welfare," an angel loses its wings (and the race card is dealt from the bottom of the deck). This conversation below took place in June, but it is very relevant as to how the white vote -- which will determine this election -- is being appealed to in both campaigns:

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