Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ray Kelly at Blackbox

Last night I went down to BlackBox at 329 Broome Street to see artist Ray Kelly's amazing interactive work Roping Dummy. Kelly, born in Texas, studied at the Art Students League. He assisted artist Mark Rothko for three years during the development of the Rothko Chapel. Isaac Aden curated the show.

Roping Dummy opens the twelfth week of Black Box exchanges, an innovative series, showcases innovative artists in an intimate setting. The work, beautifully lit, was composed in three parts: a readymade steel bullhead affixed to a bale of hay and a lasso. The installation evoked a very American and very Western tradition. Viewers were allowed to interact with the work, hurling the lasso at the "roping dummy." Cowboy Ray Kelly expertly demonstrated the art and most of the viewers were game. This blogger actually roped one of the horns (after 6 or 7 tries). A good time was had by all; virtually everyone in attendance gave it a shot.

If you are in the neighborhood today, by all means check this out.  Black Box is downstais at the White Box Gallery at 329 Broome Street, NYC.

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