Monday, May 14, 2012

Fox Wins Social TV Network Rankings; ESPN Wins Cable April White Paper

Networks: Trendrr's April social TV network rankings are out and Fox was the big winner. Fox (via American Idol, The Simpsons, Glee), was up ten percentage points from March, having 28% broadcast social share, followed by ABC (19%, up 4% from March), NBC (18%, up 3% from March) and the CW (10%, up 1% from March). Sports, ot the absence of sports, worked against CBS. The completion of the NCAA's March Madness led to an 18% decrease in broadcast social share.

Cable: As far as cable goes, ESPN topped Trendrr's list, with 13% cable market share, proving the powerful connection between social networking and sports (the NBA playoffs helped the Disney owned network).

April Most Social Genre's were Reality (37%), Comedy (21%), Sports (18%), Drama (13%), Special (4%), Talkshow (3%), News(3%) and Soap (1%).

The genders differ, obviously, in what they watch and socially engage. Reality and Drama have a 67% conversation from women; Sports has a 74% conversation from men. Things get quite interesting in News and Comedy, where the conversation differences among the genders tightens. In News the conversation breaks down 51%/49% male/female; in Comedy the conversation breaks down 58%/42%, which may -- or may not -- say something about the persistent idea that women value laughter higher than men.

Overall: April's broadcast primetime social activity from April 2011 to April 2012 surrounding broadcast primetime Tv increased by 194%, nearly quadrupling.


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