Monday, November 29, 2010

Errol Lewis To Begin Hosting NY1's Inside City Hall Tonight

Just as Michael Musto is taking a one week vacation! Empire state political junkies will be glad to know that former print journalist Errol Lewis -- long a fixture covering city and state politics -- will start as host of NY1's Inside City Hall, the most comprehensive daily wrap up of the goings on at City Hall and in Albany, tonight. Though the announcement was made last month that Lewis, a radio host and NY Daily News columnist, would take the job vacated by the disgraced Dominic Carter, Lewis spent the time prepping for the new role as well as -- according to what he said on an appearance this morning on labor activist Mark Riley's radio show "looking to get the best first guest."

Wonder if he'll be able to nab Governor elect Andrew Cuonmo, who has thus far declined invitations to be a guest on NY1's City Hall for an almost obnoxious 1,426 days. Will the "Cuomo Clock" at NY1 stop ticking tonight for realsies? We cannot fail to note that Lewis' wife, Juanita Scarlett, was a senior aide to Cuomo in the state attorney generals office.

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