Monday, November 08, 2010

Adam Sandler Bought The Stars of Grown Ups Cars

Adam Sandler is kind of famous among comedians for being a "good guy" --and a Republican. How else does one explain the quixotic, frequent appearances of Rob Schneider in his films other than a supreme act of selfless friendship (Averted Gaze)? But even for Sandler, this is kind of extreme. This morning Chris Rock called in The Howard Stern Show, promoting a DVD release. As always, Howard Stern -- with the gift of gab -- managed to get the guest to reveal something interesting (the life of movie stars). From HowardStern:

Chris Rock called in to promote the DVD release of 'Grown Ups,' leading Howard to ask if he had points on the film's back end, as he thought it was Adam Sandler's film. Chris shrugged: 'You know what? I don't know. I don't even know.' Chris said Adam had sent him a brand new Maserati after the film became an international success: 'He gave all of us cars...I bullshit you not, Howard.' Chris said he was also getting pressure from the studio: 'Somebody at the studio must listen to your show because they insisted--they insisted!--I do the show.'

Howard asked if family members hit Chris up for cash very often, and Chris laughed that he'd actually had some pretty extreme requests: 'I had an uncle ask me to buy his house to hide it in a divorce.' Chris said he just doesn't reply: "You just become missing. You start having another 'another number.'"
And, better yet (thanks to Anthony De Rosa for the refresher):

Howard referenced a story about Chris warming up the audience at a taping of 'The Cosby Show,' so Chris laughed that he'd just been on hand when the regular guy was out sick. Chris bombed: "One of my big bits at the time was how racist I thought Fat Albert I'm doing that material at 'The Cosby Show.' Cosby hears it and I'm literally thrown outside."

Later, the two became friends. Bill even invited Chris over to his home: "Legend has it--even though I don't know this [at the time]--that he has two houses on one block. So you're in the entertaining house. You're not even in the real house. But he gave me some books...some heavy black books, you know. Get in touch with your blackness."
Full story here.

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