Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amazon Ups Revenue Share Ante in Courting Publishers to Kindle

Amazon picked an interesting time to get hypercompetetive with apple over newspaper and magazine publishers. From eMediaVitals:

"Amazon is turbocharging its efforts to become the leading digital newsstand by altering the structure of its existing revenue sharing terms for publishers. Starting Dec. 1, the online retailer is upping its offer to publishers for each title sold in the Kindle store. The increased revenue sharing allows publishers of electronic magazines and newspapers to earn 70 percent of retail price -- up from 30 percent from earlier in the year -- which is more in line with its competitor, Apple. Kindle Publishing for Publishers-- KPP -- which is currently in Beta, is only available in the United States with plans to go global in the future.

"... Increasing the revenue share comes at a particularly interesting time, on the heels of a recent ABC survey revealing increasing worry among publishers over Apple's influence in the e-reader space. In that survey of the Audit Bureau of Circulation's US and Canadian newspaper and magazine industry members, only 11 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with Apple's handling of subscriber information and analytics, with a startling 15 percent saying they were dissatisfied. Nineteen percent of ABC responders said they were actually satisfied with Apple's app business model."
The full story here.

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