Thursday, March 19, 2015

Museum of Sex: Launch Party For The Art of the Pimp

Last night at the Museum of Sex on fifth avenue there was a launch party for Dennis Hof's The Art of the Pimp. The scene was very interesting and sort of gritty in a cool way: NYC Club kid culture by way of the porn industry. It harkened back to a pre-Giulianiized New York.

Ron Jeremy, whom I had met earlier in the day at, of all places, Michaels, was there, posing. At one point Amanda Lepore took some pictures with Jeremy and -- lo and behold -- somehow her top came off and the porn star started playing with her nipples. Ron Jeremy, clearly having a good time, was later on was seen signing the breasts of enthusiastic women while sipping champagne.

I met the very attractive Alia Janine, hovering over a plate of cheese in the basement of the Museum of Sex. I wondered where the appetite came from as her figure was wholly without imperfection. Seeing that I was watching she said, sultrily, from across the table, "it's okay that I eat cheese. I'm from Wisconsin." Be still my heart.

I also got to talk to Cindy Sibilsky (see pic above, with Amanda Lepore), of InJoy Entertainment. She is trying to put together financing for a musical about Xaviera Hollander, the infamous Happy Hooker. Cindy had run up into an initial roadblock trying to get financing from the traditional Upper East Side uptight broadway producer crowd. But she was upbeat, and worked the party brilliantly. I have no doubt that in the next five years this show will be in New York and probably London as well.

From there I met Heidi Fleiss, who I had met earlier in the day at Michaels restaurant. She is working on a tell all, presumably for Regan Arts, which threw this event. Finally I got to talk to her about her passion -- birds. We talked of many things, but mainly her crusade to help people  think deeply about birds in captivity. Heidi made a good argument about how L.A. money is very good about defending dogs and cats -- the traditional pets -- but no one out there with a big name is speaking out for Macaws and parrots and other "exotic" long-lived, sensitive, intelligent birds that are held in captivity for years and sometimes decades. Heidi is now sober, incredibly honest about her troubles with the law (which I think were trumped up bullshit -- not a single "John" saw a day in jail) and very fun. I will definitely be keeping in touch.

At there end of the evening, as the bar was closed and dishes were being removed from tables I spotted Ron Jeremy by the coat line. Someone pointed out to him that Judith began -- of Regan Arts -- is the publisher of huff's memoir and threw the party. Jeremy shouted out "Are there any more events this week?" Judith walked by and pretended not to hear.

Also out and about at the launch: Cindy Sibilsky, Cazwell, Michelle L. Ruiz, Anthony Cumia (of Opie and Anthony) and the lovely Kryssie Summers.

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