Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Space Between Group Exhibition Curated by Diama Buckey at Paul Kolker Gallery

If you are going to do the Chelsea art thing tonight, I recommend you stop by the Paul Kolker Collection. There is a keen intelligence at work in the curation of The Space Between Group Exhibition by Diana Buckley at the Paul Kolker Gallery at 511 West 25th street. The artists include Joe Ballweg, Brent Birnbaum, Vince Contarino, Erik Gonzalez, Sarah Han, Jeffrey Kessel, Paul Kolker, Visakh Menon and Serry Park. 

The nine artists meditate on the use of space in various ways. Birnbaum, cleverly, uses treadmills to express not just the individual spacial relationships that the objects had with their previous owners (the treadmills are even named after them), but also the spacial relationship of running in place. At the other end of the spacial spectrum you have Kolker, the gallery owner who has always had spacial artistic predilections, expressing, through mirrors, the space between abstraction and infinity.

In between are some very interesting artists that stand out. Sarah Hahn's delicate painting-constructions made of dacron fabric that just happen to have applications of light paint. They are sculptural, almost levitating above the canvas with gestures sewn in with white cotton thread.

Brooklyn-based Vince Contarino is also quite noteworthy. The restrained musicality and muted colors of the Field conveys a subtle sense of geometry.  Indian-born Visakh Menon's subject is the space between human and machine interaction' The influence of data is expressed with chalk and pastel-colored translucent tape collaged in subtle and interesting ways. 

The placement of Paul Kolker's work artfully reflects its own spacial relationship with the other members of the group show about, well, space. Well played, indeed.

The Exhibition runs from November 13 through November 16th.

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