Thursday, July 10, 2014

Other Criteria: Meet and Mingle

Last night Other Criteria held a wonderful meet and mingle with some of the more interesting players in the New York art world. Other Criteria works with Damien Hirst and other contemporary artists -- his circle? -- to make limited edition prints, books, jewelry, clothing and posters out of their distinctive works. From a business perspective, it is an interesting idea. From the more orthodox art world perspective, there will, and I put this mildly, be discussion.

And discussion there was. Last night I got into several interesting and -- best of all -- passionate discussions about what this development means for Art (capital A, always). I don't think it means much for Art, per se, but it will open financial vistas for a lot of artists (read: not presently wealthy artists), so that they don't have to end up like the great Vincent van Gogh, celebrated for his genius after his death, impoverished in this life. Okay, maybe I am being overly dramatic.

But of course that is all open to debate. By all means, however, if you are in New York, check out Other Criteria on 458 Broome. The representatives there there hugely knowledgeable, love art and are willing and able to take on all comers to the debate as to whether or not this -- limited edition derivatives of original artworks -- is good for Art. I believe, after last night, after some good discussion and an amazing Champagne, that Art, Heaven help us, will survive.

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