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Friday, January 18, 2013

Olivia Maxwell: Paso Robles

Friend of the Corsair blog Olivia Maxwell, one her awesome new 5 track album, which I highly recommend:

"One of the most memorable moments of my music career was trying as Levon Helm was sitting right next to mentoring me so I could..'Strum on the back beat this,' and it was a whole new way of playing the song on the guitar, 7 hours later came the song. Levon and his band, with Frankie Gavin on violin , Rob Fraboni producer..., We were all in Woodstock, NYC...We all were in the mixing booth , it took awhile cause Fraboni recorded it the old fashioned way..ONE HUGE OLD MIKE in the center of the circle of us musicians...the take had to be perfect, Frank Murray of 'The Pogues' was my manager at the time---it was just so magical...Levon Helm during play back in Mixing booth..'You did it girl, alright, this is it!' 'Sounds GREAT!' bobbing his head, we were all grooving to the playback...a huge high...what a moment. May he R.I.P---a mentor of mine that day forever---I have some footage of that day, it's being currently edited. ON the SARA JAMES track = Levon on Mando, and his band, Frankie gavin came in from Ireland, on fiddle----what a magical day in October that was 2003!!!"

Check it out here.

1 comment:

Olivia Maxwell said...

Hey, Olivia here, mistake, my fault-its OK-ERIC AMBEL produced this EP soley. The Levon Helm track was recorded separate. ONE CHANGE-Frank Murray is a stranger. I have no idea who this person is? I never knew a Frank Murray so please remove this stranger's name from the story.

Much appreciated, Olivia Maxwell.