Thursday, January 03, 2013

Connie Fletcher "past and present love" at Orchard Windows

Debussy and late Beethoven wafted through Orchard Windows gallery on chilly New Year's eve. The anticipatory mood was fraught, and the art was wonderful. As guests attended the opening reception of Connie Fletcher's "past and present love," curated by gallerist Dino Eli, Connie talked about her interesting life and what led her to this moment. He signature style -- bold, thick brushstrokes and an intriguing use of color -- comes, she told me, by way of the influence of Kandinsky and Picasso. Music, also, influenced Connie Fletcher's style.

Connie regalled me with stories of hanging out in her hippie days with some of the more influential masters of American jazz. And in some of the paintings Connie confirmed the brushstrokes -- which often fairly vibrate with power -- were done under the influence of jazz.

Spotted among the crowd: artists Ray Kelly and Anja Koestler and musician Joe Bendik.

The paintings will be on display and for sale until January 6th at 37 orchard Street.

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