Wednesday, October 03, 2012

2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Take a sip if

... the Presidency of Bill Clinton is invoked

... if the 47% remark rears its head

... every time Mitt Romney mentions the word "dependency"

... every time President Obama mentions the middle class

Take a chug if

... if Mitt Romney mentions the economy under Bill Clinton and President Obama responds by saying "I'm glad you mentioned the former President, Mitt. But Mr. Clinton is endorsing my candidacy, not yours."

... when -- not if -- Romney says "$16 trillion dollars in debt"

... when -- not if -- the President says "my opponent would have let the auto industry collapse"

Finish you glass if

... President Obama says anything along the lines of "ask Osama-bin Laden if Americans feel safer now than they were 4 years ago"

... Mitt Romney says in his closing statement anything along the lines of "The President is a good man, a likable man. But I ask the same question President Reagan asked not so long ago: "are you doing better now than you were 4 years ago"

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