Monday, April 02, 2012

Morley Safer vs. The Art World, Round 2

On April Fools Day 60 Minutes Correspondent Morley Safer took a seond stab at the art world. Over 20 ears ago Safer took the art world on, and people like Larry gagosian are still reeling. Here is the "Overtime" conversation about the making of this groundbreaking piece. And for the hardcore art/investigative journalism fans here is Morley Safer'soriginal 1993 story. From CBS News:

In his now-infamous 60 Minutes story "Yes...But is it art?" Safer took on artists, dealers and critics of the 90s with equal gusto. The artists, he said, make mostly "worthless junk," or better yet, hire craftsmen to make it for them. Dealers, he said "lust after the hype-able." Critics write in a language that "might as well be in Sanskrit."

In the piece Safer interviewed the cantankerous, conservative art critic Hilton kramer, who died last week.

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