Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Lunch at Michaels

As I walked into Michaels this afternoon, Rachel Roy was hugging Wendy Williams. It was apparently the first time they had met in person. It was that kind of lunch at Michaels.

It was packed. We barely got to speak with Steve Millington, he was so busy.

David Patrick Columbia was, as always, interesting and funny and smart. We talked about the economy, blogs, the Presidential election, the Occupy movement, astrology and -- as always -- of books. David and I both love books and share a skeptical outlook about the future of books and literacy in America. But we didn't let that put a negative spin on things, it is, after all, Wednesday at Michaels and we are both Michaelsologists. Fellow Michaelsologist Diane Clehane stopped by the table along with the amazing Kathryn Leigh Scott, who starred in the original Dark Shadows and will be in the Quentin Tarantino remake. Mayor Joe Armstrong also stopped by the table. David really is sort of a celebrity at Michaels.

It is always a good sign when Michael McCarty, who owns Michaels, is in town and stops by your table. Also spotted at in the crowd: Donald Trump and Star Jones. I finally also met in person Euan Rellie. We have sort of known each other -- via the inter webs and social media -- for years. I was beginning to think that he was a brilliant fictional boldface web entity, but he is quite real. Desiree Rodgers walked by the table just as David and I were deep into a discussion of politics. She looked well-rested and wonderful. ice after the pressure cooker that is the White House has been good to her.

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