Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gallery hopping: Milk Studios Aaron Stern Exhibition

Annie Clark, St Vincents

Last night at Milk Studios' party for Aaron Stern's exhibition of rock photography and the launch of his book Everyone Must be Announced drew a lot of rock stars, models and what can only be properly construed as rock royalty throwing back the vodka. Among the crowd was Zoe Kravits, Alexa Chung, Penn Badgely, Annie Clark (of St. Vincents), Mazdack Rassi, Devin Church, Nur Khan and Alexandra Richards, among others. 

I also got to meet Jessica Conatser, who runs social media for Milk. Milk, my favorite party space in the city, is as always ahead of the curve in hiring someone -- for a gallery -- to handle their social media. Jessica arrives just in time to socially correspond digitally just on the cusp of fashion week. Milk is one of the central locations, so Jessica on FB and on Twitter should be right in the matrix.

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