Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michael Gross Party: Re-Release of Model

After about 10 years of online corresponding, linkages through Page Six -- since way back in the days of's first incarnation -- Michael Gross and I finally met at the re-release of Model. "We're having a moment," is how he described it. And, of course, we were. Over the years I have been a big fan of what he does. I have always maintained that Michael's intricately researched social histories will far outlive us. One hundred years from now people will read Michaels books -- 740 Park, Rogues Gallery, My Generation, and Model, which was just re-released, the occasion of last night's celebration.
Also in the crowd: Nicole Miller, Anita Sarko, Carmen Dell'Orefice, George Gurley, Hunt Slonem, Gay Talese, Anthony Haden Guest, Sharon Bush, Ben Widdicombe, Bridget de Socio, Christophe von Hohenberg, Saustina Rose and Lady Liliana Cavendish.

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