Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chris Matthews Hardball Special

I find Bill Clinton endlessly fascinating on many levels. The last American President -- for some time, at least -- that really had fun in the job (big budget surpluses, technological innovation, last standing global superpower, thank you very much). For the forseeable future American President's are going to be digging us out of the financial hole.

I also happen to like Chris Matthews, who is big, gregarious, extremely knowledgeable about the American political process and always interesting. Matthews regularly cuts people off when they try to spin him. We like.

In many ways Chris Matthews was born to cover Bill Clinton. They are both loud, boisterous, Irish American men with big appetites and a healthy lust for public life. There was a lot of friction between the two of them during the Monica episode and also in the thick of the Hillary campaign. But that all seems to be water under the bridge as the former President gave Matthews full access. This "documentary" is very, very pro-Clinton -- it aired on MSNBC. But it is a great look at Bill Clinton's post-Presidential life (even if somewhat flawed by being so deeply uncritical).

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