Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jackie Collins On Warren Beatty Marlon Brando

We were all kind of shocked to hear that Hollywood's A-List stood firmly behind underage-sexer Roman Polanski. It was widely assumed, wrongly, that the old guard backed Polansky because he was an "earner," and his victim, in the cold hard truth of things, was not. Now, with all the revelations of underage sex in Hollywood, the answer to the question that is "Team Polanski" appears to be far more libertarian. Hollywood Survivor Jackie Collins in TheWrap:

The Wrap: Speaking of male sex symbols, you once said of Warren Beatty, 'If a chair looked at him sideways, he’d proposition it.'
Jackie Collins: He was my sister’s boyfriend when I was thrown out of school and I came to Hollywood.

The Wrap: He propositioned you when you were 15 ...
Jackie Collins: I looked at him in amazement cause he was living with my sister. 'No thank you.' I think Warren feels he has a reputation to live up to.

It might be instructive to note here that Warren offered to “relieve (Carrie Fisher) of her virginity” at age 17 on the movie set of Shampoo. Also, Cher had a one-night stand with Beatty when she was an unknown 16 year old and he was 25.

The Wrap: Around that time you had a brief affair with Marlon Brando?
Jackie Collins: Yes, he was my favorite movie star, and I actually was 16. I met him at a party and it was all bets are off because I was a very street smart 16 and what are you going to do when you come face to face with your favorite movie star and you’ve seen 'The Wild One' 10 times?

The Wrap: That’s the fantasy of every woman of your generation and half the men!
Jackie Collins: Well yes, I think any 16-year-old today who came across Robert Pattinson would do the same thing!

The Wrap: How’d he measure up?
Jackie Collins: Oh honey, he lived up.

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