Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: The Residuals, Season 2

If The Residuals didn't exist, someone would have to invent the show. The comedic web series about actors who do commercials -- the auditions, the callbacks, the competition -- has been around for a year but this season they really hit their mark. Even the outtakes are pretty friction' hilarious. Created and Produced by Gillian Pensavalle and Michael Paul Smith, this season Horatio Sanz, Jenna Leigh Green and Michael Torpey.

Season 2 premiered this week. I have known Gillian since way back in the days of the Jake and Jackie radio program where she worked and I used to call in on the regular. Although I have never auditioned for a commercial I know a lot of actors and their talk about the whole process -- and the dreams of scoring a "national" -- are fascinating. That is why I am surprised that this is the first time someone did a comedy show on the subject. BroadwayWorld is clever for scooping them up.

This season all the regulars return as well as the guest stars. How does one begin tho describe this show? The episodes are digestible nuggets -- less than 15 minutes a pop -- and perfect for viewing on a mobile device. I've told Gillian at the premiere that they would be perfect for IFC TV, where I used to work, because they are trying to do edgy comedy. Comedy Central also would be a perfect fit for this madcap group of actors who audition and compete for the role of corporate pitchman, essentially.  My guess is that anyone who has ever pursued commercial acting has a million stories -- agents, alone --so let's hope this continues for a while because I, for one, am quite enjoying the ride.

The show is brilliant. Check it out here.

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