Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Conde Nast Traveller Shorties Film Festival Party

Ron Mewangaguhunga, Abdul-Fattah Ismail at CONDE NAST TRAVELER Presents SHORTIES Film Festival. #BFAnyc

Last night Conde Nast Traveller's Editor-in-Chief Pilar Guzmán and Publisher Bill Wackermann threw a party for their ingenius Shorties Film festival at Lightbox. The event spotlighted shorter than short films with a travel theme. Some of the submissions are amazing. The prize is $50,000 cash for the Best Film.

Also in attendance: Mike Baro, Kipton Cronkite, Paul Brady, Maeve Nicholson, Andrew McCarthy  (of the friggin Breakfast Club!), Amianka Suarez, Rebecca Levin, Gamu Moyo, Robert Allen, MIchael Marchese and the wonderful Gaia Filicori.

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