Monday, March 31, 2014

John Edwards Not Welcome at Bunny Mellon Funeral

Former Presidential candidate and VP nominee John Edwards has not learned much. Apparently he showed up at the funeral of Bunny Mellon. But was not welcome. From NYSocialDiary:

"If you believe that our deaths are a reflection of our lives you will understand when I note that Bunny Mellon went out with beauty, grace, order and determination. And perfection. These words define her understated, well-paced and yet rich funeral service at Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville, Virginia, which the locals like to call the 'Mellon Church' because it was built by Bunny and Paul Mellon – for them and for everyone else, too, and to be open at all hours. Her funeral was also open to everyone, and by her design. 'She was the chief architect of this celebration,' announced Rev. Robert Banse Jr., to a congregation of family and friends, neighbors and staff, celebrities and farm hands, and those who felt she’d touched their lives and who wanted to pay respect. According to one of the speakers, the village of Upperville closed for the occasion. Bunny was in the details, of course. The service was impeccably timed. There was a sense it had been scripted with the clock in mind – speakers would make reference to 'going over' their time – but it never felt long, never felt rushed and always felt just right. The order of service program was titled “A Celebration of Life” and on the cover was Dorelia in the Garden by Augustus John, in which Dorelia McNeill – not unlike Bunny Mellon – is posed wearing blue and leaning on a garden tool. The picture was painted in 1911, a year after Bunny’s birth. Because of the large turnout, the service in the church was also broadcast on a big screen in the adjacent Parish house, where there were rows of folding chairs. Practically every seat was filled. In front of me was former presidential candidate John Edwards, with his daughter Kate. (Ed. Note: NYSD has just learned that Mr. Edwards was absolutely barred from entering the church by the family. And that he was working the crowd near the graveside after the service. The service may have been open to the public, but he was not welcome)."

He continues to be an embarrassment, despite saying -- after squeaking by some hard prison time -- that he would do good things in life.

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