Saturday, February 22, 2014

SMWNYC: AOL and Twitter Party


This Thursday at AOL's offices at 770 Broadway, AOL and Twitter threw a social media bash. The DJ took requests via social media -- a nice innovation -- and the harder liquors and the good champagne were unlocked only after a certain critical point had been reached on Twitter requests. A clever way to engage a crowd or an even cleverer way to keep the supply lasting among a thirsty crowd -- we will never know.

There was some dancing, which tells me that techies aren't THAT geekish. Spotted among the revelers: StyleSocietyGuy, writer Evelyn von Gizycki, AOL's Social Media Marketing Manager Laura Carlucci, Jasmine Yook, Matt Yurow, Veronica de Souza, Chelsea Long, Patrice Callender and some dude from Buzzfeed.

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