Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Lunch at Michael's

I just returned from a wonderful birthday lunch at Michael's with David Patrick Columbia. Talk was about ranged from everything between the current political situation to gossip to World War II and Gore Vidal. It is always interesting catching up with David.

The reworking of the menu at Michaels has turned out to be a very smart idea, it would appear. Now Lunch at Michaels -- usually media-heavy on Wednesdays -- is media heavy, according to David, pretty much every weekday. If today's crowd is any indication -- media, fashion, socialites -- that is indeed the case.

Spotted in the crowd: Deborah Messing, Lally Weymouth, Jamie Gregory, Jann Wenner, "Mayor" Joe Armstrong, Julie Macklowe, Sigorney Weaver, Cheryl Tiegs, Michael Kors, Jamie Tisch, CNN's Alina Cho, Aerin Lauder and the gorgeous Iman.

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