Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mount Gay Black Barrel Launch Event

This past Tuesday Mount Gay Barrel, in operation since 1703, launched the Black Barrel label at the Soho Grand. Spotted in the crowd: Gene Song of Remy-Cointreau; Campbell Rudder, Vice President of Marketing, Barbados Tourism; artist Hideki Takahashi; East Village Live blogger David Barish; Lily Hoagland, Executive Editor at Quest; Lauren Kinelski, PR magazger at Remy Countrau USA; Emily Venugopal and McArthur Joseph. The sophisticated media heavy crowd was treated to mixed drinks and well-matched hors d'oevres like lamb sliders and tuna tartare that paired well with such a fine, complex rum.

Matured in charred oak barrels, double distilled, Mount Gay Black barrel was the star of the evening. Master Blender Allen Smith has done a fantastic job, crafting an elegant, luxurious product made from sugar cane molasses from -- where else -- Barbados. To the taste spicy, woody notes notes; to the nose Mount Gay Black barrel comes across as sweet, with aromatic notes of caramel and vanilla. And it goes -- as I found out last night, serendipitously -- quite perfectly with a nice cigar. We have had, of late, big moments for vodka, gin -- every summer is always about the gin -- single malt and, most recently, tequila. Is this now rum's moment? Has Mount Gay found the perfect moment to introduce us to a luxurious rum every bit a competitor to other high end spirits? All involved, myself included, came away from the evening with a new respect for what rum, when done right, can do.

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