Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flander House: Arion Trio Concert

This past Friday night The Corsair headed out to the New York Times building at Flanders House to hear the Arion Trio Concert. The trio, in the city to attend Mondomusica New York, performed Schubert: string trio N°1 in B flat major D471 first, then, as the sun went down on the gorgeous view from the 44th floor of the New York Times building came, in succession,
S. Bataille: string trio N°1 'My prayer,' L. v. Beethoven: Adagio con espressione, string trio in C minor, Op. 9 N°3 -- the perfect onset of evening music, and then, finally,
Bataille: string trio N°2 'Styx.' The Arion Trio consists of: Micka├»l Bezverkhni, violin, Sergio Agreda De Ro, viola, and Stefaan Bataille, cello.

Afterwards a lovely reception was held, dovetailign nicely into the evening. Thanks to our friends at Flanders House.

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