Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Florida and North Carolina: Too Close To Call

Romney, who campaigned in Florida today, cannot shore up some southern states that a republican -- one would imagine -- should have cemented by now. From PPPolling:

"PPP's final polls of the cycle in Florida and North Carolina suggest that they may be the closest states in the country this year. In Florida Obama leads 50/49, but to be more specific 473 respondents chose Obama and

472 picked Romney. PPP has conducted 4 polls in Florida over the last three weeks and found a 1 point race every time- Obama has been up slightly twice and Romney has been up slightly twice.

It's a similar story in North Carolina- the candidates are tied at 49 there based on rounded numbers, but if you break it out to decimal points Romney's up 49.4% to 49.2% with 457 respondents having chosen him to 455 for Obama. Both states are likely in for a long night on Tuesday. Our last three polls in North Carolina have all come out as ties. Barack Obama has built up a 54/45 lead during the early voting period, but Mitt Romney's ahead 57/41 with those planning to vote on election day. Romney is making up for the registration advantage Democrats in the state have with a 55/40 lead among independent voters.

“It looks like Florida and North Carolina will be the two closest states in the country on Tuesday night,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “The candidates have been incredibly even matched for weeks now in both of those places.”

Not sure if I'll be livetweeting tonight. Looks to be a celebratory evening, and drunk tweeting when mercury in retrograde ... probably not the best idea.

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