Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Lunch at Michaels

Just got back from an amazing lunch at Michael's restaurant with David Patrick Columbia where the subject matter ranged from the debt ceiling crisis vote, the Murdochs and the nature of education as well as the declining attention span in modern American life. All this and a heavy media crowd from the worlds of communication and information. This week's overarching theme of my life is catching up with old friends. Monday I met an old college buddy, Brian Aust and my friend, Susan Shapiro at her annual reading, and now gaszpacio with my favorite social chronicler of all time. Mercury in retrograde? Don't think so. Steve Millington and Michael L. McCarty were front and center, making this media breaking-of-the-bread together go down amazingly.

Also at Michaels today: Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn, David Hirshey, David Zinczenko, the stunning Jolie Hunt, Diane Clehane, Jason Binn and Lyor Cohen.

The great thing about talking with David is his wisdom about so many things, particularly the financial world, which he knows quite a bit about. By way of a late birthday gift he got me "In the Garden of Beasts," by Eric Larson which is about the fall of Berlin. Parallels? Ominous (considering the present state of affairs in these United States). I don't know, I've just started reading. The opening quote -- from Dante Alligieri's opening -- is: "In the middle of our journey of our life I came to a dark wood where the straight way was lost."

Already fascinated.

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