Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Character Driven" USA Networks Has the Right Idea with Twitter

USA Networks has something quite interesting with Twitter, the type of thing that I have been arguing for. In my post "Five Ways Film Studios Can Advance Word of Mouth via Twitter" I suggested hiring writers to Tweet in character. The USA Network -- "Character Driven" -- is doing just that. From Mashable:

"The USA Network show Covert Affairs has launched a new plotline that takes place in Budapest — but don’t look for it on TV. It’s only happening on Twitter.

"A “Tweetcast” of the plot began Monday, a week after the show’s second season began. The mission in Hungary was developed by the program’s writers and will include videos, audio streams, photos and classified documents. Fans can also influence the plot by jumping into the conversation. A resolution to the plot will run during the show’s July 12 episode.

"The effort was partially inspired by Christopher Gorham, who plays the blind Auggie lead character on the show and has an active Twitter following. As Gorham explained to Entertainment Weekly, the idea of CIA operatives disclosing their every move on Twitter requires some suspension of disbelief.
It's a wonderful idea, keeping avid fans interested in the show. On summer haitus, I'd imagine, it would be an invaluable idea to keeping programs chatted about.

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