Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Five More Reasons We Are In A Clintonian Renaissance

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I feel that we are in the midst of something of a Clintonian Renaissance. We love to hate and hate to love the Clintons, this blogger more than others. They are, though, the spice of American politics. After the thrilling summer of 2008 -- a roller coaster ride nearly every week -- we thought we saw the last of the Clintonian psychodrama at the forefront of the political landscape. Not so! Here are five NEW supporting arguments:

1) Chelsea Clinton's upcoming wedding to Marc Mezvinsky at the sprawling upstate New York home of John Jacob Astor is the ticket of the summer season. We have, of course, remarked on the sublime symmetries of that power couple previously.

2) Bill Clinton was the US' point man in Russia with Vladimir Putin (the real power in the Russian federation) over the 11 alleged deep-cover SVR (the Russian equivalent of the CIA 'agents') flak.

(Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton via WSJ)

3) Hillary Clinton of late has been skillfully navigating our "Reset" with Russia as well as the "Reassurance," mending our ties with nations along the Russian border. A difficult task at best for even the most seasoned career foreign service officer.

4) Bill Clinton's unofficial role as a roving Ambassador to bring home the 2018 or 2022 World Cup coincided, fantastically, with a Team USA rally (which, unfortunately, was short-lived). Hanging with Jagger was, as they say in DC, a key generational optic.

5) Bill Clinton's rough, blunt talk -- definitely not Stevensonian -- about possibly blowing up the BP oil well was probably stupid. But is sounds macho, a trait that often is not ascribed to Democrats. Still, as an ex-President who has no actual power in the decision it was politically brilliant, drawing praise from know-nothings on the right like Lou Dobbs. Talk like that is as cheap as it is priceless, accruing vast political benefits. That sort of obtuse tough guy shit goes over well in places like West Virginia and rural Pennsyltucky, where Democrats are quite vulnerable. And it has the added benefit as Bill Clinton is out of political power of ultimately coming to naught.


Michael Buettner said...

I love your style and your persistence. If I tried to keep up with this sh*t, my brain would explode. Thanks for doing the grunt work. (I'm going to add "Pennsyltucky" to my personal dictionary, by the way. I'll offer "fustercluck" as a trade.)

Ron said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, Michael. Fustercluck will be making an appearance in The Corsair in the near future,