Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The McCain Family Christmas Card Photo (2009)

(image via yfrog)

Okay, okay, I am harsh on Senator John McCain. That I will not deny. He is, of late, my bete noir.

Yeah, Senator McCain is in a rough re-election fight. That may account partially for his apparent inability to give our new President a break from the senate well. We won't entertain the possibility that the senior Senator from Arizona has a case of the sour grapes (Averted Gaze). The Founding Fathers, unenlightened on the subject of race but ingenious in the construction of popular government, did not envision Senate rhetoric being almost wholly driven by pedestrian re-election concerns. That was supposed to be the structure of the House of Representatives, which faced re-election every two years, and thus had a more direct relationship with the everyday concerns of the electorate. Being a United States Senator allowed for maneuvering room to votes one's conscience through the longer term in office, effectively becoming a countervailing force against the possible demagogic whimsies that might arise in the House.

Senators were supposed to be more conscientious, more philosophical and more grand with their six year term in office. Alas, the cult of the career politician, the year-round fundraising and the exodus of men of the calibre of Warren Rudman and Daniel Patrick Moynihan from the political stage have simultaneously conspired to rob the original idea of what a United States Senator ought to be.

In the spirit of the season, however, and a sign that this blog is growing up (somewhat) we will acknowledge that Senator John McCain has a lovely family as seen in the picture that will adorn their Christmas card.

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