Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aphrodisiacs, Tequila, Chocolates and Scents Event at MiN New York

photo by David Barish/EastVillageLive

One of the best times that I have had of late was on Thursday night at MiN New York, the fragrance and atelier on Crosby Street, at their Aphrodisiacs, Tequila, Chocolates and Scents event.

Chad Murawczyk of SoHo New York City’s MiN New York is a magnificent, magnificent curator,who has thoroughly turned my mind on how scents and food and spirits can all create a spectacular experience. At the event, scent, taste and company were all equisite -- chosen with the jeweler's eye. Chad and the amazing Mindy Yang paired a tasting of spirits -- blanco, reposado, anejo and a $400-a-bottle Selection Suprema -- along with artisan perfumes and high quality chocolates. Mindy -- I can still hear the knowledgeable voice in my mind's ear -- guided us through a most excellent and luxurious evening, of the best of taste, of sound and of smell.

Those who know me know that I am more of a cerebral type, an existentialist than a experientialist. I rarely smell my food, or appreciate the subtle flavors that compose my meals. That is not who I am, though I appreciate people that are earthy and can really get into the experience. I try, but more often than not I do not succede. I am not a foodie; I am more excited in talking about high politics and ideas than in eating a good meal.

On Thursday, however, everything changed. The sheer amount of effort put into this event -- to get the food and scent pairings just right -- was simply exctraordinary. Even the crowd -- less than 25 in their wonderful shop -- was intimate, smart, sophisticated. I am used to media parties of 100 and upwards in guests, so this was quite a pleasant surprise. Further, for the first time, perhaps in my entire life, I truly felt what it was like to fully experience taste and scent, simultaneously, for leisure. And it was pretty frickin' amazing. You are never too old to learn. I promise to pay more attention to eating good foods, appreciating what I eat and, finally, living and luxuriating in my body more. I have been neglecting the things of this world ...

So thank you to Chad and Mindy for reminding me that no matter how much time I spend in the noosphere, my body -- and all our bodies -- are grounded on this planet, this wonderful garden of delights that gets often overlooked. And thanks to Jennifer Matthews of Vosges haute chocolate for the wonderful chocolate and conversation of astrology. And thanks to Mark Drew and Eprain Oliva for the generous pours of Herradura Tequila.

It is going to be very difficult to top this event.

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