Friday, September 30, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Camilla Al-Fayed. It's Camilla Al-Fayed's world, we just live in it. This, from Fashionweekdaily's Jim Shi:

"Watch out New York: come November 1, there'll be a new girl tearing up the social circuits of Manhattan. That is, if she finishes all her homework and isn't too tired from work. Camilla Al Fayed, daughter of Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed, is moving to an apartment on the Upper East Side in the next two weeks in preparation for her new position at Vogue. She is expected to begin on Nov. 1, with a likely permanent placement in about four months.

"For now, she'll be working alongside editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her team. 'I'm embracing all of it,' Al Fayed, clad in a Gucci top and Balenciaga pants, said at Thursday night's (Milan) Versace show."

Swell and lovely; the first thing you can embrace when you get here, darling, is The Corsair.


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Out: Michael Eisner. Although there were sweet whisperings that Eisner wouldn't even show up for work today, that appears not to be the case. Anyway: Michael Eisner's "Exit Interview," conducted by Brett Pulley of Forbes (link via iwantmedia):

"Forbes: What were your biggest mistakes?

"Eisner: I made some personnel mistakes. I hired the wrong person [Michael Ovitz], and I had to get rid of him. But in 21 years I think my correct decisions outweighed my mistakes. My mistakes are counted on one hand. Unfortunately, they are also written about a lot. But unlike the mistakes of other companies, we never had an accounting problem, we never had to write off an acquisition, and we never had an ethical problem.

"Forbes: What was most gratifying?

"Eisner: All of the happy families walking around in awe. It can't be translated. It has nothing to do with leaving or succession or issues or lawsuits. What is so much more important is to see an audience watching the opening of The Lion King, and people are crying at the beauty of it."

(A considerable pause; the sound of a whistle) What kind of aesthetically-challenged little freak-of-nature "cried" at the "beauty" of The Lion King? And has that fucker ever seen a Poussin? That's worth crying over; Helena Christensen is certainly worth crying over; The Lion King? Who the fuck cries at The Lion King? Aside from the German tourists, we mean. That was Eisner's "most gratifying" moment as CEO of Disney? Good riddance; let's hope Iger does something more interesting with his newly-granted power.


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In: Chris Noth. Do you remember when The Corsair posted this exclusive back in June?

"A Corsair spywitness (tm) on the Manhattan set of Law and Order: Criminal Intent says Chris Noth made a bit of a scene recently. Apparently Mr. Big objected to an upcoming Fall storyline where they were shooting in a bar/poolhall. In the scene, Noth picks up a pool cue and breaks it in half, threatening a perp with allusions to the Abner Louima torture case. Noth objected to this and gave a bit of a lecture on why he didn't want his character to be reintroduced in such a sleazy manner.

"Fucking with the writers' lines or rocking the boat in any way is generally considered to be a big no-no on the set of Law and Order: CI (cough, cough, D'Onofrio, cough, cough), but, according to The Corsair spywitness (tm), Noth's impassioned and noble arguments won everyone over to his side, and the lines were indeed changed."

Well, that show, Law and Order's Criminal Intent, airs on Sunday on NBC at 9PM. TiVo it (Same time as the excellent "Rome"), if you can.


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Out: The SuicideGirls Empire, Imploding. The groundbreaking art-alt-porn site SuicideGirls is imploding after 30 models quit, evidently, in disgust. It seems, alas, that behind all the glowing, press puffery in no-longer-hip venues, SuicideGirls was, at the end of the day, just another porn site. This, according to Unpink (link via Wired via Papermag):

"One of the most popular SG's, Sicily, was booted off the site after an anti Suicidegirls journal entry she wrote (caused by financial disagreements with the owner). You can see the text here.
Two other popular girls, Katie and Apnea (of Lithium Picnic fame) shot for another site and got their passwords taken away. Staff changed Apnea's journal and made it look like they were active.Voltaire quit in protest. Staff pulled same move on her.

"By this time, it's all over the blogsphere. Girls are quitting left and right. Claudia, Sita, Molly, Gillian, Ciel, Annabelle, Angie, Shera, Annie, Genivieve, Mistidawn, Les, and a new one every hour or three.

"SG, in response to four of its best girls quitting, changes entire site format. Archived girls and active girls are indistinguishable- except archived girls have no access to the site. Sounds a lot more like a standard porn site setup to me, and less like the 'get to know the models' approach that made SG famous. In the last few weeks, SG's become about pussy, not personality."

And so, SuicideGirls becomes just another run-of-the-skill porn company. Not with a bang but a whimper (Pun intended).


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In: Capote Oscar Buzz. It is insane how much buzz this film is getting, or, more precisely, it is sick how much buzz Philip Seymour Hoffman's acting is getting. Philip Seymour Hoffman should change his name to "Best Actor frontrummer, Philip Seymour Hoffman." Hoffman was exceptional, to be sure, and this is a biopic -- Oscar loves biopics. Cinematical's Ryan Stewart gives a trenchant review of Hoffman's performance:

"The titular performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman is excellent, but his work was obviously made easier through the flamboyant nature of Capote�s mannerisms. With his weak, Southern flower lilt and brow-mopping demeanor, any accurate portrayal of Capote is going to involve a good deal of impersonation. Gary Oldman did a great job playing Dracula, but it�s Dracula, after all. The bigger the character, the less of a burden there is on the actor to come up with something unique. Hoffman is good enough to ground Capote�s mannerisms down to the point of being non-distracting, but that doesn�t exactly solve the problem of giving him something interesting to say on-screen.

"Hoffman�s best moments occur late in the film when the death clock has begun to speed up considerably on the killers. Appeal after appeal collapses, and it becomes a certainty that Hickock and Smith will be executed for their crimes. It�s at this moment that Capote must reveal his cards � he�s been holding off completion of the book not just to include the execution of the criminals, but to extract from them a first-hand account of the night of the murders."

Now you want to see the movie, right? Please do.

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Bubbles, Ink. said...

I wonder if they'll include the scene in which Capote, Hemingway, and Plimpton witness the execution of a criminal in Havana.

How 'bout hangin' with THAT trio, back in the day? Now THAT'S a fun night right there-- throw in Chris Hitchens and the night is complete.