Thursday, June 09, 2005

Exclusive: Chris Noth, Mr. Big Stuff


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A Corsair spywitness (tm) on the Manhattan set of Law and Order: Criminal Intent says Chris Noth made a bit of a scene recently. Apparently Mr. Big objected to an upcoming Fall storyline where they were shooting in a bar/poolhall. In the scene, Noth picks up a pool cue and breaks it in half, threatening a perp with allusions to the Abner Louima torture case. Noth objected to this and gave a bit of a lecture on why he didn't want his character to be reintroduced in such a sleazy manner.

Fucking with the writers' lines or rocking the boat in any way is generally considered to be a big no-no on the set of Law and Order: CI (cough, cough, D'Onofrio, cough, cough), but, according to The Corsair spywitness (tm), Noth's impassioned and noble arguments won everyone over to his side, and the lines were indeed changed.


Theresa Z said...

Right on, "Big"ger things matter, but when your spewing the words of others, stand your ground.

Hello Mr. Noth...I'm a Carrie wannabe-in-yer-pants!

Was that wrong?

Ron, *smooches*

gabsmash said...

How funny. Just a nice, quiet lecture? He didnt have to throw a fit and pass out?

Ron said...

I'm amazed that there was no fit or anything else. The way it was reported to me, Noth was a gentleman, and everyone on the set respects him a lot more afterwards. *smooches TheresaZ right back*